We are thrilled to announce that Ɔbenfo Ọbádélé Kambon, the visionary founder of Repatriate to Ghana, was recently featured on TRT International News. In this insightful interview, Ɔbenfo Kambon discussed the significant strides being made in the repatriation movement and highlighted how Repatriate to Ghana has been instrumental in assisting diasporans to reconnect with their roots and establish a new life in Ghana.

Watch the Interview

You can access the full interview here.

Supporting Diasporans in Every Step

Repatriate to Ghana has been a beacon of hope and a practical resource for many diasporans seeking to return to their ancestral homeland. Our organization provides comprehensive support, including:

  • Land Acquisition: Helping repatriates find and purchase land for personal or communal use.
  • Citizenship Assistance: Guiding individuals through the process of acquiring Ghanaian citizenship.
  • Business Registration: Assisting with the registration of businesses to help repatriates establish their economic independence.
  • Transportation: Offering solutions for both personal and commercial transportation needs.
  • And Much More: Including cultural orientation, language classes, and community integration activities.

Join the Movement

We invite you to explore more about our mission and services on our website, Repatriate to Ghana. Whether you are considering repatriation or are already on your journey, we are here to support you every step of the way to change the trajectory of your life and that of your family for the better!

Stay tuned for more updates and success stories as we continue to help diasporans reclaim their heritage and build fulfilling lives in Ghana.

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The Repatriate to Ghana Team

Moving to Ghana

We are you—we wanted to figure out how to move to Ghana. We are a self-determined collective of Black repatriates—community leaders, elders, teachers, linguists, business owners, artists, etc.—that provide our collective wisdom about the repatriation process and Ghanaian life to make it easier for Blacks from the Diaspora to return home. After moving to Ghana, Africa, we offer personal guidance so you can avoid costly mistakes and save time on lengthy processes. We connect you to our valuable network, practical resources, and in-depth guides for a smoother move to the motherland. Instead of hours of research trying to piece together your move from scarce online sources, we guide you step-by-step through a transition we have experienced personally.

Welcome to Repatriate to Ghana

It takes a lot of self-determination to transplant yourself in a country you are rooted to but the enslavement process disconnected you from. So many have underestimated the challenges this kind of move can bring. Some have ended up moving back out after not being able to sustain.

Repatriate to Ghana is here to introduce you to not just repatriates but repatriates who are thriving and making a difference in Ghana.

Proceeds from this project fund African-centered education projects and make it possible for others like you to take the same steps.

Wanna See How Ready for life in Ghana you are?

We believe in Defending Your Self-Determination

As Afrikans of the Diaspora, we truly believe it is time for us to reclaim our birthright connection to our homeland and reconnect with our long lost brothers and sisters and make Afrika great again. For those of us ready to come home and step into our destiny, Repatriate to Ghana was created to protect and support you and you defend your self-determination.

Choose your Path

Helping You Come Fit In Where You Belong

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