When it comes to shopping, Ghana is filled with open-air marketplaces such as Makola Market, Madina Market, Agblogbloshie Market, and more. At these marketplaces you can find entrepreneurs who sell everything from produce, meat, clothing, and jewelry to textiles, furniture and wholesale goods.

When purchasing goods and services in Ghana, prices are usually bartered.

Unfortunately, sometimes many of our brothers and sisters in Ghana may hear our accent as repatriates, identify us as a ‘foreigner’ and raise prices on goods and services, which is a
unethical practice known as ‘price gouging.’

As descendants of Afrika, we know that we are not ‘foreigners’, but as we work to progress this general mindset, we can offer expert guidance on how to price your goods and services, and/or help you to understand what fair/local prices are when shopping as a buyer.

In Ghana, purchases are made in their national currency, The Ghanaian Cedi (1 United States Dollar equals 14.92 Ghanaian Cedis). Due to the differences in currency exchange, we can help you to understand pricing in the Cedi.

We also recommend taking our classes in local language of Twi to assist you in negotiating in meetings and bartering in the marketplace. Knowing the Twi language can make for better business deals in Ghana.

Our consultation can  include:

  •  Providing knowledge on the local prices for goods and services that you or your business intend to purchase so you can identify when a seller is price gouging
  • Receive proven  strategies and tips for how to negotiate in Ghana, to get your goods and services at an more affordable or local rate
  • Online or on-site Twi classes, to improve fluency in one of  Ghana’s most spoken languages

We believe in Defending Your Self-Determination

As Afrikans of the Diaspora, we truly believe it is time for us to reclaim our birthright connection to our homeland and reconnect with our long lost brothers and sisters and make Afrika great again. For those of us ready to come home and step into our destiny, Repatriate to Ghana was created to protect and support you and you defend your self-determination.

Choose your Path

Welcome to Repatriate to Ghana

It takes a lot of self-determination to transplant yourself in a country you are rooted to but the enslavement process disconnected you from. So many have underestimated the challenges this kind of move can bring. Some have ended up moving back out after not being able to sustain.

Repatriate to Ghana is here to introduce you to not just repatriates but repatriates who are thriving and making a difference in Ghana.

Proceeds from this project fund African-centered education projects and make it possible for others like you to take the same steps.

Wanna See How Ready for life in Ghana you are?

Moving to Ghana

We are you—we wanted to figure out how to move to Ghana. We are a self-determined collective of Black repatriates—community leaders, elders, teachers, linguists, business owners, artists, etc.—that provide our collective wisdom about the repatriation process and Ghanaian life to make it easier for Blacks from the Diaspora to return home. After moving to Ghana, Africa, we offer personal guidance so you can avoid costly mistakes and save time on lengthy processes. We connect you to our valuable network, practical resources, and in-depth guides for a smoother move to the motherland. Instead of hours of research trying to piece together your move from scarce online sources, we guide you step-by-step through a transition we have experienced personally.
Helping You Come Fit In Where You Belong

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