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Ghana has passed various investment laws that protect investors against expropriation and nationalization.

We can help you:

  •  Develop a strategic business plan in your industry, using in-depth market research and on-the-ground knowledge of your industry
  • Locate affordable office and/or retail space, with our  trusted network of real estate professionals and knowledge of area
  • Find partners for suppliers to ensure maintenance of inventory and product
  • Guide you through acquiring the appropriate documents and funds to open business account(s)
  • Get familiar with the roles of Ghanaian business agencies such as Registrar General Department (RGD), Ghana Investment Promotion Center (GIPC), and others, to establish your business in Ghana

Are you thinking about expanding your existing company or beginning a new business in Ghana?

Entrepreneurs could benefit from the 27 million+ market, with thriving economies in
agriculture, technology, services, and more. As repatriates, we have a vision of reconnecting with and building long-lasting institutions on our motherland.

Decades of colonization and structural adjustment programs has left many countries in our homeland needing ambitious and progressive businesses to offer essential services for development.

We’ve started businesses in various sectors and offer expert guidance on the laws, regulations, fees, and procedures around starting a business in Ghana.

Welcome to Repatriate to Ghana

It takes a lot of self-determination to transplant yourself in a country you are rooted to but the enslavement process disconnected you from. So many have underestimated the challenges this kind of move can bring. Some have ended up moving back out after not being able to sustain.

Repatriate to Ghana is here to introduce you to not just repatriates but repatriates who are thriving and making a difference in Ghana.

Proceeds from this project fund African-centered education projects and make it possible for others like you to take the same steps.

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