Global Ghana Repatriation Group – Monthly Collective Support Community


Join the Global Community Global Group. Meet your new friends, neighbors, community family, and other like-minded spirits on their path. Everyone is at a different place on the journey to move. Some have not started, just started. Some have Nana Jean-Jacques Dessalines plans. Others have Nana Marcus Garvey Comprehensive Strategy plans. Some are already living in Ghana but are using to help with challenges and to make life easier.

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Join the Global Ghana Repatriation Group Today!

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey back to your roots? You don’t have to go it alone. The Global Ghana Repatriation Group, facilitated by Repatriate to Ghana, offers unparalleled support and community for individuals and families looking to relocate to Ghana. Our group provides a comprehensive package designed to ensure a smooth and enriching transition.

Subscription-based Monthly Meetings
Our group meets monthly to provide ongoing support, share experiences, and discuss various aspects of the repatriation process at 25% less than an individual one-on-one consultation. These meetings offer:

– Expert Advice: Hear from experienced professionals on topics such as legal requirements, housing, and cultural adaptation.
– Community Support: Connect with other members who are also in the process of relocating, offering a network of support and friendship.
– Resource Sharing: Access valuable resources, including advice on legal aid, real estate agents, and job opportunities.

Benefits of Joining
When you join the Global Ghana Repatriation Group, you gain access to a host of benefits designed to facilitate your move and help you establish a fulfilling life in Ghana:

1. Advice on Documentation:
– Guidance on obtaining visas, residence permits and Ghanaian Citizenship.
– Recommendations on residency applications and understanding local laws.

2. Advice on Housing:
– Advice on finding suitable housing options.
– Recommendations for trusted real estate agents and property managers.

3. Advice on Employment and Business:
– Job search strategies and employment opportunities.
– Advice on starting or relocating a business, including legal and financial advice.

4. Advice on Educational Opportunities that Exist:
– Information on educational institutions for children and adults.
– Recommendations on school enrollment processes and/or homeschooling options.

5. Advice on Cultural Integration:
– Cultural orientation discussions to help you understand local customs.
– Advice on language learning resources to ease communication barriers.

6. Advice on Healthcare Access:
– Guidance on accessing local healthcare services and natural options.
– Recommendations on health insurance options and medical facilities.

7. Advice on Financials:
– Opening local bank accounts and managing finances.
– Guidance on currency exchange and international money transfers.

8. Advice on Transportation and Mobility:
– Recommendations on purchasing or renting vehicles.
– Guidance on public transportation options and routes.

9. Advice on Community Involvement:
– Information on local community groups and social networks.
– Recommendations for joining clubs, organizations, and recreational activities.

10. Advice on Safety and Security
– Assistance with understanding local safety measures.
– Recommendations on local security services and emergency contacts.

11. Advice on Shipping

– Personal Belongings and Vehicle Shipping: Guidance on shipping personal belongings and vehicles.
– Advice on customs documentation and clearance, ensuring timely delivery of items, along with arranging local delivery services to your new home.

Join Us Today!
Becoming a member of the Global Ghana Repatriation Group means you are not alone in your journey. With comprehensive support, valuable resources, and a vibrant community, you can confidently take the steps toward a successful repatriation.

Embark on your journey with the support and guidance of the Global Ghana Repatriation Group and make your transition to Ghana a seamless and fulfilling experience.