We believe in Defending Your Self-Determination

As Afrikans of the Diaspora, we truly believe it is time for us to reclaim our birthright connection to our homeland and reconnect with our long lost brothers and sisters and make Afrika great again. For those of us ready to come home and step into our destiny, Repatriate to Ghana was created to protect and support you and you defend your self-determination.  

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Welcome to Repatriate to Ghana

It takes a lot of self-determination to transplant yourself in a country you are rooted to but the enslavement process disconnected you from. So many have underestimated the challenges this kind of move can bring. Some have ended up moving back out after not being able to sustain.

Repatriate to Ghana is here to introduce you to not just repatriates but repatriates who are thriving and making a difference in Ghana.

Proceeds from this project fund African-centered education projects and make it possible for others like you to take the same steps.

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Moving to Ghana

We are you—we wanted to figure out how to move to Ghana. We are a self-determined collective of Black repatriates—community leaders, elders, teachers, linguists, business owners, artists, etc.—that provide our collective wisdom about the repatriation process and Ghanaian life to make it easier for Blacks from the Diaspora to return home. After moving to Ghana, Africa, we offer personal guidance so you can avoid costly mistakes and save time on lengthy processes. We connect you to our valuable network, practical resources, and in-depth guides for a smoother move to the motherland. Instead of hours of research trying to piece together your move from scarce online sources, we guide you step-by-step through a transition we have experienced personally.

Our comprehensive, holistic guidance walks you through every stage of repatriation. From acquiring visas, locating a home, getting a car and license, setting up a bank account, establishing your business, learning the local Twi language to everyday living such as taking public transportation like the trotros, bartering for local prices in Ghanaian Cedi, and learning your town’s shopping and grocery markets. As the West African center of Pan-Africanism, there are a plethora of African Americans in Ghana, and Ghana is welcoming many more Blacks home for its national repatriation campaign, Year of Return 2019. In Ghana, African American dual citizenship is possible and members of our team are legal Ghanaian citizens. Home is waiting for you—many Blacks are moving to Ghana from USA, 2019 is your year to remember where you truly belong.

Remove Obstacles

Struggle and failure don’t have to be a part of your story. We’ve removed the biggest obstacles from your path. Learn ways we help you settle in.

Shipping and receiving Ghana

Shipping and receiving destination quality assurance and coordination

Learn the local language advanced continuing education 30-day conversational 60-day fluency and 90-day mastery Twi

Local customs and lifestyles: shopping, driving, groceries critical guides

Community introductions - meet local influencers, community members

Transportation, driver's licenses, and vehicle acquisition support

Public transportation recommendations

Repatriate to Ghana education and Continuing education support

Identifying primary - university level schools

Visa services: work visa, residence visa, and visa extensions

Ghana Citizenship application assistance

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