Meet the Bradbys: Our Success Story on How to Repatriate and Win with R2GH!



 Catch the Replay: Repatriate to Ghana Success Story with Adam & Cheretta Bradby 

Missed our latest Saturday Seminar? No worries! You can now catch the full replay on our testimonials page. Here’s a quick recap of what you missed:

We had the pleasure of hosting Adam and Cheretta Bradby, two of our newest repatriates who shared their inspiring journey of moving to Ghana with their two young children. The session started with a traditional libation, setting a respectful and vibrant tone.

Highlights from the Session:

Introduction to Adam & Cheretta Bradby: They shared their backgrounds and motivations for moving to Ghana. Adam, a kung fu teacher, and Cheretta, a dedicated doula, both emphasized their deep love for Abibiman (The Land of Black People in Twi) and the desire to raise their children in a nurturing environment.

Their Journey to Ghana: They discussed the initial steps they took with Repatriate to Ghana, including choosing the right package and the seamless process of settling in. The Bradbys highlighted the incredible support they received, making their transition smooth and stress-free.


Living in Ghana: The couple shared their positive experiences of finding a suitable home, connecting with the local community, and embracing the cultural richness of Ghana. They also talked about the health benefits of living in a natural environment and the affordability of a high-quality lifestyle.


Community and Support: One of the session’s key takeaways was the importance of community. The Bradbys expressed their gratitude for the network of support provided by Repatriate to Ghana, which helped them navigate challenges and make meaningful connections.


For those considering making the move, Adam and Cheretta’s story is a testament to the transformative experience of repatriation. Don’t miss out on their full testimonial and others like it on our testimonials page.


Watch the Replay Now:


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Repatriate to Ghana Team

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